Google is becoming increasingly omnipotent on the internet, being the dominant search engine, a popular email provider, and owner of YouTube. Google has the majority of the market share when it comes to search, which is why it's more than just a social network if you are a business.

Titles and meta descriptions alone aren't going to get you to the top of the competitive terms but making sure you tick the basic SEO boxes is essential to your long term SEO strategy.

Usability testing is an effective way to highlight any issues with your site directly from the user's perspective. You can assess the journey the user takes through your website and how they interact with certain aspects. The user's perspective is really the most significant one, which is why usability testing is so important. The key elements in user testing are drawing out user behaviour, followed by analysis of this to determine valid and useful content and design conclusions.

A persona is a fictional character created to represent your target demographic. They bring web users to life using actual facts about your site visitors. You want your user to get exactly what they're looking for when visiting your website. The use of a persona can help with this by giving a real sense of the people your content is for.

Viral videos get people talking; whether they make you laugh, gasp, or get goosebumps. You spam everyone you know with adorable cats and sneezing pandas as if it is absolutely necessary to your friendship. And it is, because people bond over emotions.