Ok, so I admit it I lifted this quote from Andrea Schwandt-Arbogast's blog and I know, I know, it's almost 10 years old but it's as beautiful and relevant today as it was when it was written:

'The Life of Brian', 'The Holy Grail', 'The Meaning of Life'. Three classic comedy movies from days of old which are (almost) as entertaining today as they were when they were first released.

When we look back at the incredible careers of the Python team it is perhaps somewhat strange to think that one of the things they will be most remembered for is their gift of the word 'SPAM' to the internet community.

It is the distant future, the year 2000
We are robots
The world is quite different ever since
The robotic uprising of the late nineties
There is no more unhappiness, affirmative

On occasion in information architecture and sitemap meetings we've been asked to either remove or justify the 'Meet the team' page on websites.

Our response to this is pretty straightforward. You simply have to have one.

Last week we attended the Business of Web Design conference in Cardiff, centred, as you might guess, around the business side rather than coding and design. As it was such an excellent and inspiring event, I thought it would be good to share our thoughts on the talks and what we have taken away with us. Also some of the things we would like to, or already have, implemented in our own business.