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A bit of Code 7 history

Meet the team

Based in sunny Brighton in the South East of England, Code 7 was founded in 2007. Since that time we've been serving our clients all over the UK and beyond with fully-rounded web design and web support. We also help them out with their branding, their marketing and their technical needs all at once - so that they don’t have to worry about any of it.


Daniel Mason

Managing Director

Daniel Mason, the founder of Code 7, began his career in computer graphic design way back in the mid 80's, tinkering with an Atari 1040 ST. Over the years, those first sparks of interest have developed into a thriving web design and support services company, as well as his successful hosting company. He now heads up project management and user experience testing.


Tristan Brookes

Front-end Developer

A front-end developer with a passion for new web technologies, Tristan is the man that brings all the ideas and smooth front end user experience to life. He's been with Code 7 since 2011, and spends his time fiddling with CSS, JavaScript and other Joomla-y things as well as making responsive web design a reality. He's also pretty good at Mario Kart.


Greg Lewis


Greg studied Communication Design at Portsmouth in 2008, ever since then he has been working hard putting his highly creative talents into improving designs and brands in a range of commercial projects. He joined Code 7 in 2012 and looks after our logo and branding work, as well as user-centric aesthetic web design, with a keen eye for detail. His table football skills are also getting better.


Andy Hickey

Back-end Developer

Andy has 5 years experience of working with Joomla and creates our custom components, turning wirefames and specs into fully functioning scalable web plugins and apps, with neat admin sections and clean code. With an MSc in Internet Application Development and specialist knowledge in our chosen CMS, smooth web functionality matching your users needs is now achievable.


Andy Douglas


Andy studied at University of Sussex and has a 1st class degree in Digital Media. He has plenty of experience in art direction and photography for internationally renowned brands. With a keen eye for creative composition, passion for his work, and fun to work with, Andy gets the best out of your photoshoot.